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About Mixed Martial Arts

Mixed Martial Arts is somewhat like a melting pot of martial arts. It combines the grappling techniques of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, the power striking of Thailand’s Muay Thai as well as throwing and submission techniques of Judo from Japan. Of course, there are also some classic wrestling tactics born right here in America mixed in as well! All these arts combine to help the competitor dominate whether he/she is standing up, tangled up, backed into a corner or on the floor.
The techniques of MMA teach flawless defense and vicious offense.


The American Top Team MMA Experience

Not all MMA programs are created equal. American Top Team is known for its world-class instructors as well as its dedication to teaching MMA the right way. We don’t teach athletes how to fight dirty and work tirelessly to ensure that our facility is clean safe. We foster an environment where our athletes can learn, grow and move at a pace that works for their fitness level and goals. Not every MMA program believes in having fun and bonding with fellow athletes, that’s what makes American Top Team unique.

How Our Mixed Martial Arts Program Can Change Your Life


From beginner to experienced athletes, our environment is welcoming to all!


Safe Environment

We like to compete and have fun, but safety is always the #1 priority of our instructors!


Expert Instructors

We have compiled a team of world-class instructors, so you learn from the best!

Caters To All Levels

At American Top Team, you’ll find options for everyone - from advanced to newbie!

Get In Shape Fast

Our programs will help you get into the best shape of your life, quicker than you thought possible!


Community Support

At ATT, you’ll find a community that’s rooting for your success, every step of the way!

What Our MMA Athletes Have To Say

Answers To Frequently Asked Questions:

Will I get hurt while practicing Mixed Martial Arts?

As with any physical activity, yes, you can get hurt. You can also sprain your ankle playing tennis or trip on an uneven sidewalk while running. At American Top Team, we work hard to ensure that our program is safe and supervised. Our goal is to reduce the chance of injury, and we seldom have a problem.

Is Mixed Martial Arts violent?

There is fighting involved in Mixed Martial Arts, but, at American Top Team, we foster an environment that exhibits good sportsmanship, respect for one another as well as support. It’s been our experience that this is the best way to grow, learn and have fun.

Am I too old to start an MMA program?

No way! We have a wide range of ages and never discourage anyone based on age. You can work to your own ability and toward your own goals, no matter what age you are.

What if I have no previous experience or am not extremely fit?

No problem! American Top Team welcomes all levels to the Mixed Martial Arts program. From the fiercest competitor to the non-athletic beginner, we work around your level and your goals to craft an experience that will surpass your expectations.

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